Billiards is a game that demands high-level tactics and techniques, as it is based on solid engineering theories that require a clear mind, deep thought, sharp intelligence, tranquility, accuracy of observation, acute vision, and physical fitness. The game provides total fitness for the human body as it works on the technical, physical, practical and mental levels. Actually, playing a game of billiards is the equivalent of walking about five kilometers, in the process using more than 50 muscles in the arms, legs, abdomen, back and neck. Not only does billiards strengthen your ability to focus and clarify your mind but it also serves as a good way for teenagers and adults to occupy their leisure time in a useful manner.

Arena Complex Billiards Room

Billiards is distinguished as a sport for people of different ages and races from both sexes. It became famous in many countries of the world before it came to Jordan. Luckily, it is now available in an indoors room in the Arena Complex where anyone can play the game for only two dinars per hour.

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