The Athletic Activity Section consists of a swimming pool, physical fitness gymnasium, billiards and snooker room, squash fields, table tennis room, in addition to outdoor fields. It also manages Theater activities and technical aspects related to:

  • Conferences and symposiums
  • Official and public functions


  • Providing an athletic environment that helps in developing students’ and subscribers’ skills both mentally and physically to raise the cultural level of the activity they practice so as to enable them to participate and excel.
  • Upscaling different activities through tournaments, championships, and encouraging shows in order to attract more subscribers to the Arena Complex.
  • Upgrading extracurricular activities by forming Eastern and Western musical bands.
  • Forming international folk dance troupes.
  • Interacting with local community by organizing national level celebrations, theatrical performances, and cultural and academic symposiums.
  • Supervises the training of students in such areas as music, acting and dabke dance.


It is located in the front part of the Complex to regulate the entry of students, participants and visitors to the Sports Section through records that facilitate its work and provide quick service for the participants.


  • The Reservation and Membership Section aims to computerize the process of entry of participants in the various activities to save time and effort and provide easy access to the daily and monthly reports on the number of participants.
  • It also aims to improve ways of catering to the preferences of the participants and members in order to encourage others to register.
  • The Section also works to fulfill the needs of the students and participants and to deal with their concerns, which would reflect the good image of the Complex.


This section oversees the daily and periodic maintenance of the Complex, including the systems of the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna.


  • Creating ample conditions for participants
  • Keeping abreast of new developments through consultations with specialists
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